Workshop and Presentation List

……Below are some of the workshops and presentations available through SHCCC:

Understanding and Respecting Consent

Worth Waiting – A Grade 6 program about postponing sexual involvement. Six sessions.

Note:  The Teaching Manual for this program may be purchased from SHCCC: Hardcopy $40.00 + s&h, E-mailed to you $30.00. Both hard copy and by email   $50.00.  Supporting DVD:  additional $50.00 + s&h.  Please contact us for more information.

“I Can Wait” – Video presentation and discussion re: postponing sexual involvement. Grades 6-9

Sexual Survivor – An interactive session covering various aspects of sexuality. Can be adapted for various ages, Grade 7 to adult groups.

Birth Control Options – Adaptable for various age groups

Safer Sex and STIs – Possible topics include: negotiating safer sex, contraception, correct use of condoms, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), STI risk continuum,  recognizing STI risks scenarios, etc. Adaptable for various age groups

Respecting Sexual Diversity- gay, lesbian, transgender, etc.
Addresses homophobia and heterosexism. Adaptable for various age groups (ages 12 and up)

Girls World (Go Girl: Self-Esteem Workouts) – Summer self-esteem workshops for 8 1/2-13 year old girls.
*** Mini sessions possible year round for groups targeting girls.

Puberty Parties & It Wasn’t the Stork (a session on reproduction):  2-hour evening sessions for parents and 9-12 year-olds  to attend together.

Raising Sexually Healthy Children…Talking with your child/teen about sexuality-related topics – Programs for parents. Adapted, depending on age of children/teens

Personal Safety Programs for 4-8 year olds and their parents to attend together.

Also see “Programs for Parents and Children