Sexual Health is part of overall health.

Our services are:

  • For people of all ages
  • Inclusive and respectful of diversity
  • Youth friendly
  • Unbiased and Confidential
  • Offered in an environment that respects and supports each individual

Our services emphasize education and prevention.
You may want to ask about:

  • a book or program for you or your child
  • free pregnancy testing (on site)
  • free condoms
  • free water-based lubrication
  • unplanned pregnancy and your options
  • information on birth control methods
  • sexually transmitted infections (no testing provided at our Centre)
  • puberty changes
  • sexual harassment/abuse prevention
  • information on consent for sexual activity
  • family communication about sexuality
  • sexual diversity
  • menopause, sexuality and aging
  • self esteem
  • healthy relationships

Sorry, we do NOT offer clinical services

We also have programs to attend and:

  • we lend books and videos free of charge
  • provide teacher training and support
  • provide (limited) classroom presentations and workshops for community groups
  • offer individual guidance and referral.

 Award Winning Programs

The Helen and Fred Bentley Awards for Excellence of Achievement are national awards offered annually through the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health.

The Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County(SHCCC) has won three of these awards:  In 2012, our “I Can Wait” DVD project was honored.  We use this video with our Grade Six postponing sexual involvement program, “Worth Waiting“, which won the award in 2006.

In 1999, our “Girl Power Self Esteem Program” received the Award.